We help businesses to integrate with SingPass

Onboarding new customers, authentication of existing ones, and allowing digital authorisations are greatly simplified in Singapore with SingPass.

Integration with SingPass and MyInfo allows our clients to develop integrated services with seamless and paperless process.

Singapore public sector is moving to cloud based services, and in consequence applications to interact with the government are also moving to the cloud.

SingPass partners also are requested to migrate their credentials to the new cloud based authentication, this transition could become tricky for non-tech savvy businesses.

CorpPass becomes mandatory to transact with Singapore Government

Entities which transact with the Government should register for and set up CorpPass, as CorpPass will be the only login for online transactions with the Government. 

CorpPass is available for Singapore registered entities (both SingPass users and foreigners without SingPass) and Foreign Registered Entities.

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