All in one Private Equity software solutions

Aprimerose provides industry specific software solutions for private equity to consolidate and organize data to keep investors real time updated.

Flexibility in mind

We know that not all capital market firms are the same so we create a platform which is flexible to fit the needs of Family Offices, Institutional Investors, Endowments, Pensions, Fund of Funds and Placement Agents.

No matter what is your deal size, organisational structure or client type our software provide bespoke solutions which help you to develop your business, relationship management, data analytics, reporting, auditing, onboarding, compliance, marketing.

Aprimerose Solutions

Aprimerose offers an all-in-one platform that integrates onboarding, reporting, compliance and auditing and is cost effective for businesses as well as individuals.

Investor Relations Tool

Aprimerose helps your Investor Relations department not only to minimize questions from investors by providing a self-help kiosk and also answering investors in a time efficient manner regarding payment status and their investment portfolio.

Business Intelligence

Aprimerose integrates a private equity and venture capital business intelligence solutions that connects, transforms, visualizes all of your data across systems. Complex data analyses to monitor, display and report without the help of IT for rational decision making.

SingPass/MyInfo Integration

Aprimerose integrates a SingPass application which allows users to transact with over 60 government agencies online easily and securely. Singpass serves as an additional layer of security with 2 Factor Authentication.

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Sentiment Analysis

Make the best decisions taking advantage of Aprimerose technology and be informed in real time of market trends or set up alerts based on your portfolio or marked sentiment.


Our Clients

Singapore based Private Equity funds of funds with over an AUM of USD 500M.
We helped developed their fund raising platform, including end to end digital onboarding and reporting.

If current bank capabilities consist of twenty different pieces, then we deliver one.

Bookkeeping, at a fraction of the cost. Integrated onboarding, reporting and auditing.