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Offering Virtual DataRoom, Investor Communication Tool, paperless and presence-less on-boarding and Machine Learning powered insights.

Asset Management

Aprimerose integrates a private equity and venture capital business intelligence solution that connects, transforms, visualizes all of your data across systems. Complex data analyses to monitor, display and report without the help of IT for rational decision making. It is an all-in-one solution to bring all your data together into a single source of artificial intelligence and big data integration.

Aprimerose has developed a set of tools to monitor social networks. It uses deep learning to process, analyse and generate insights from speech. The vast amount of information from social networks allows us to interpret and synthesise attributes such as impressions, likes, comments, and sentiments, all within our platform.

Virtual DataRoom

Virtual DataRoom is where data and records will be housed. It can be used for a variety of purposes such as data storage and reference, document exchange and file sharing.

DataRoom files are secure and locked, with security clearance level based employee access.
Conventional and Physical DataRooms required filing, organising and archiving which requires many man hours to achieve. Accessing records would also require familiarity of the physical room and knowledge on how it is organised. Accidental destruction and misplacement of documents may also occur due to human error or accidents such as fires and water leaks. More documents would be needed to be stored over time, thus accommodating them would require additional physical space, thus taking up precious real estate.

A virtual DataRoom combats the significant aforementioned costs of physical datarooms, which provides for the secure, online dissemination of confidential information.

Investor Relations Tool

Investor Relations Tool is the efficient way to communicate with investors to create transparency when sharing and reporting information. With our investor communication tool you can easily generate personalized capital calls, distributions and PPMs, which can be done on a monthly, quarterly or annual basis. Once all preferences are set the authorized user will be informed by email/SMS/Whatsapp.

You can generate investor specific documents, emails and reports and distribute them in preferred manner and format, by integrating already existing documents from accounting and document generation systems and keeping your investors satisfied and informed on time and with accurate documentation.