About us

Aprimerose makes life of accredited investors easier.

We build products for venture capital and private equity funds.

Founders have 30+ years of combined experience in IT.

Our team is located in Singapore, Poland and Spain.



Aprimerose founded in June 2020, with mission to create the most efficient and pragmatic technology solution for alternative investment professionals.

Aprimerose unique position is combination of proven track record of the founders in EU and unique Singapore experience in building private equity fund solution. As a result we follow 2021 requirements – from paperless onboarding, through eco-friendly digital reporting, to cybersecurity compliant and following Technology Risk Management Guidelines.

Our executive team


Andrei Karpushonak


Founder of Aprimerose with extensive experience in software architecture and building international teams in Singapore, Gibraltar, Spain and Poland. Has a strong understanding of the Singapore fintech sector. Conference speaker and active open source contributor, focusing on data security, system interoperability and technology adoption in the financial sector.


Eddy de Heij


Entrepreneur with over 25 years of experience in Media, Marketing and Data (Privacy). Gut Investor in several cool, thrilling and sometimes profitable startups. Currently focusing on SE Asia.


William Ting


William is a versatile multidisciplinary award-winning attorney admitted in California focused on the intersection of complex technology transactions, data privacy, capital markets, intellectual property to guide commercialization of emerging technologies, hardware, software, platform and data content. William served as legal counsel for over 16 years at Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Company (a Fortune top 10 company).

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